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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I book a band?  Once you have decided on a group and confirmed availability of the date via phone or mail, we will send you a contract outlining the details of  the event.  The contract must be returned with a 50% deposit in order to secure the date. The remainder of the fee is due at the time of performance.

2.    Do you require a deposit?  We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the date.

3.    How long do you typically perform?  For most events, three hours is ample time for the guests to fully enjoy themselves.  If additional time is needed, the musicians can be retained if they are available for the per-hour rate stated on the contract.  Alternately, if less time is needed, a lower price may be negotiated ahead of time in most cases.

4.    How many breaks do you take and when?  We take one 10-15 minute break for each hour of performance time contracted.  The breaks are typically taken at the end of the hour, but may be coordinated with the event schedule if possible.  We will be happy to fulfill your request if ample notice is given and time is ample and spaced appropriately.

5.    Can you play our favorite song?  If your song is not one that we typically perform, we may be able to learn and perform it, for a nominal charge.  This will require plenty of advance notice and is also dependent on the style of the song and time availability.  If it is impossible, due to time or other constraints, a recording of your song can be played over the sound system to ensure that your day is everything that you want.

6.    How much space do you need?  The amount of space needed will depend on the size of the group and the type of instruments.  The size of the space available may limit the size of band, please check with us to ensure ample space for set-up.

7.    What do you wear on stage?  Our musicians always dress appropriately for the event and the weather, if outdoors.  Most groups wear suit and tie, unless formal attire is needed.  Or for less formal events, we can tastefully “dress-down.”  Please let us know if you have any preferences and we’d be happy to accommodate your needs.

8.    Do you provide your own sound system?  We can provide our own sound, or P.A., system for any of the smaller combos, including recorded music for the band breaks.  If you have extensive audio needs, just let us know and we can try to assist you or direct you to the right place.

9.    What other needs do you have?  We will need electrical power to plug amplifiers and the P.A. system into; usually one or two outlets will suffice with power strips.  We will also require restroom facilities and water and other beverages during the event.  If the event is outdoors, we will need to have some sort of covering in case of inclement weather and a flat, level area to set-up.  Optional items that make things much easier include a storage area for cases and personal items, a private dressing room or restroom to change in, and of course we always play better when we’re well fed!

10.    Can my cousin (aunt, best friend, etc.) sing/play with the band?  We will be happy to accommodate requests made in advance if at all possible.  It is important to speak with the musicians to pre-arrange for songs that are known and the appropriate key.

11.         What payment methods do you accept?  For the deposit we will accept personal and cashier's checks, money orders, and cash.  For balances paid on the day of the performance, only cashier's checks, money orders, and cash is accepted.  We can also accept credit cards, with a 3% added handling fee.  

12.         Do you perform other styles of music?  We primarily perform music that is often called Standards, or Traditional Jazz, Swing, and Blues.  We do occasionally perform our intrepretation of songs of other styles, but have developed our song list of popular classics over years of intense study and performance.  If something is not too far outside of what we do, such as a traditional country or broadway tune, we'd gladly consider adding it to our repertoire.  Special song requests may incur an additional fee, depending on familiarity and complexity, if there's something you would like to hear and don't see it on our list, just ask!